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Brello Manufacturing Company was established in 1975 as a family owned business specializing in producing quality steel wool and it’s by-products.


Today, after over 30 years in the business, Brello has grown from  a modest company catering to the local market into one of the leading steel wool manufacturers in the region.


Utilizing German technology and using high quality AISI 1010 low carbon steel wire as raw material, Brello prides itself in producing quality products with high efficiency.


Brello has it’s own cold drawing machinery which is able to process 24 tons of steel wire per day.  The excess wire that surpasses the capacity of our steel wool machines is exported.  This wire has been tested, approved and recommended by EHT Werzeugmaschinen Company, one of the leading manufacturers of steel wool machines in the world.  The wire we produce has a diameter of 3.1 mm and is produced in coils of up to one ton.


Our steel wool production is in excess of 16 tons per day and can be either produced as bobbins ranging in weight from 1 to 50 kg, or it can be made into pads or rolls with varying weights and packing specifications according to our customers requirements.

To produce our steel wool, which ranges in grades from very fine grade 000 to very course grade 12, we only use the highest quality knives imported from Germany.  Our finest grade 000 steel wool is silky smooth and is ideal for the fine polishing of furniture, while our very course grade 12 is used for heavy duty cleaning purposes.


In 1996 Brello started a new line of production for corrugated steel fibres that are used for reinforcing concrete in the construction industry.  The steel fibres are produced utilizing the rest wire, which is a by-product of steel wool manufacturing.  There is a huge demand for this product and all of our production capacity is easily consumed.


In 1998 we further expanded as we started to produce chopped steel wool for the automotive industry.  The finely chopped steel wool is used as non-asbestos friction material in brake pads and clutch lining in the expanding brake pad market.


All our products can be sold in bulk or ready packaged.  We have  a complete in house packaging department with our own range of packaging machinery and we utilize independent printing houses with high quality printing capabilities.


Brello currently has a wide customer base worldwide.  We export to Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and North and South America.  Because of our experience and expertise we have been able to develop, as well as maintain, the quality of our products.  We also pay great attention to providing our customers with prompt, on-time deliveries which has ensured us customer satisfaction over the years.


Brello aims to be as flexible as is technically possible to customer requirements with regard to size, weight and packaging of products and we are always open to introducing innovative ideas into our production process. 



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Brello Manufacturing Company S.A.E.

Producers of Steel Wool Since 1975

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